Our Story

Hey there! My name is Bella, and I design all things Artemis and Apollo. I am a 25 year old qualified Australian Textile designer with a passion for art, travel, the environment and being a kid for as long as possible! Inspired by bold, fun, exotic and magically detailed illustrations and techniques, Artemis and Apollo captures the gypsy nomad feel of a happy go lucky young soul of the world. With a strong emphasis on comfort, the environment and letting kids be kids, A&A is designed by me in my home in Melbourne, and created using fair trade practices in China.

I myself am a fraternal twin, and grew up being told magical stories of the great Artemis and Apollo of Delos, a small island near Mykonos in Greece. Artemis and Apollo were the illegitimate children of Leto and Zeus. After a distressing birth due to their parents illegitimacy, Artemis grew to be known as the goddess of chastity, hunting, purity, animals and children, and Apollo would be known as the god of music, archery, healing, youth, truth and sun. Their mother Leto would soon become the Titaness of Motherhood and the special bond shared between mothers and their children due to the connection the three shared. Zeus provided his daughter, Artemis, with everything she felt important for her life including all the mountains of the world - as her playground, a bow and arrow - to break from the norm of femininity, the ability to help women during childbirth, eternal purity to maintain her youth and chastity. The beauty, grace and mystery of the twins would enchant all eyes set on them. The god and goddess shared a playful childhood together, embracing their youth by exploring the mysteries found along the coastline and running endlessly through the wilderness, their pleasant but powerful upbringing helped to create an unbreakable bond to last their lifetime and to be remembered by.